These are the most common questions our customers ask about.

Q: Why Buy From Buy Digital Software Online Store?
A: Buy Digital Software provides discount software to businesses & consumers and carries top software brands.All the Items you purchase will be delivered to you within 12-24 hours. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Also, we are always online and responsive to resolve any issue you face at any point of time.

Q: I just made payment for the software, when it will be delivered to me?
A: The software will be emailed to your email account within 12-24 hrs after the purchase. Please make sure that your registered email with us is working. If you don’t get your software within 24 hours, please feel free to  email us anytime.

Q: Is this a trial key or OEM key ?
A: No, this is exactly the same key as you get on your software Box printed from Adobe. The only difference is We Don’t Sell Any DVD’s or Boxed Software we only provide 100% genuine Key, which only can be installed being online. It is not offline activation or crack file kind of software.

Q: Where was the key/license issued from?
A: These are issued directly from Adobe.

Q: Is this a legitimate key/license?
A: Yes, all software product keys are guaranteed legitimate and 100% authentic.

Q: Has this key/license ever been issued to anyone else or previously been activated?
A: No, it has never been used by any other person. It is a brand new license from the original Company. Every user gets a unique license.

Q: Will it pass authentication?
A: Yes, it will pass as it is issued directly from the original company. All Softwares sold on our website needed to be validated and activated online by Adobe installation panel while installing. This process ensures that the product key you have purchased from us is authentic because the product key would not validate or activate with the manufacturer if it is not genuine.

Q: Will this have genuine updates?
A: Yes, it will have genuine online updates.

Q: Can it be registered with Adobe?
A: You can register the license with your Adobe account and activate the software online.We can guarantee the flawless installation and activation of the software but not the license registration.

Q: Is there any additional charges for software like a monthly subscription ?
A: No, Creative Suite 6 software is full version one time payment software. Once you purchase, the software will be yours and no more payments needed to be done.

Q: How do I install software without DVD?
A: We will send you a download link from Adobe and serial key along with link also instructions to install your product.

Q: What is your refund policy ?
A: You will get your Guaranteed Refund if the product does not work.

Q: What type of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all types of credit card / debit card and Paypal.

Please Note: For security purpose we will not be able to send you your  product purchased until we get the signed DocuSign from you (We are asking DocuSign just to make sure the payment is made by buyer’s consent). please check your email for DocuSign we will send you after your purchase. 

what is Docusign?